Associação Cultural e Artística ARTMATRIZ

Organizing Entity

ArtMatriz's mission is to promote cultural, social and artistic activity in the city of Viana do Castelo. With its headquarters located in the city center, it lives closely with the needs and desires of the Vivian population in the various areas to which it is dedicated.

As a non-profit association, it promotes giving to the community, contributing to an entity based on the values of art as a means of belonging, gaming as a source of insertion, solidarity, respect for the environment, learning about our roots cultural and historical.

It develops cultural and artistic activities and aims to promote art, personal development and recreational activities around modern board games, adding artistic activities such as exhibitions and drawing classes.

Among the various artistic projects, the following stand out: MostrART, an exhibition of illustration, photography and digital art, which is now in its 9th edition, with participation from all over the world; the Des_romaria project, which consists of a tribute to the pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, and its failure to take place in 2020, with the creation of several magazines and the participation of artists from different areas of intervention; drawing and urban sketch classes with professor John Chien Lee, where we explore various drawing techniques.

Within the scope of recreational activities, the association has been promoting weekly meetings of modern board games for several years and is responsible for organizing VianaCon, an international meeting of modern board games, where for 3 days we have hundreds of people playing as a family , and where we can have 3 generations at the same table, playing, sharing and having fun.

Association Activities:

  • Drawing lessons.
  • mostrART - Illustration and photography exhibition.
  • Regular board game gatherings.
  • VianaCon - modern board games convention.
  • Photography and art workshops.
  • Bookspot - sharing the love of reading.
  • Des_romaria - project in homage to the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Agony.
  • Social projects to support the community.

Organizing Team

Illustration by "The Mico" Mihailo Dimitrieski from the VianaCon team.