VianaCon 2023

On the weekend of October 20th, 21st, and 22nd, another edition of VianaCon took place, this year surpassing all previous editions in every aspect.

With a larger audience (a 40% increase compared to last year), more games in the board game library, a greater variety of workshops, lectures, and giveaways, and an increased number of volunteers and instructors.

The convention's new features were also a success. The creation of a section for artists who exhibited their work and created new pieces during the convention, the presence of Urban Sketchers capturing the rhythm and color of the convention live, the New Academy Language School, which taught English classes using board games, and the creation of Meeple Beer - VianaCon, in partnership with Cerveja Letra and Letraria de Viana, which sold out in 3 days. With a strong social character, the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be used to create board game libraries and books for the pediatric wings of hospitals. These libraries will be created in partnership with Artmatriz Association, Cerveja Letra, and Fnac.

We also had more partners helping and supporting the preparation of this great event.

Special thanks to Micael Sousa, João Vitória, Miguel Conceição, Filipe Moura, Carlos Ramos, and Ricardo Simões for the various workshops provided during the convention.

Thanks to Fnac, MacDonald's, New Academy, Dona Aninhas, Segurvez, Cerveja Letra, "Salta da Caixa" Publisher, and Café Board Games "A jogar é que a gente se entende."

Thanks to all the publishers who supported us with their presence and contributed to our board game library. Thanks to Pythagoras, Maldito, Mebo, Devir, Diver, and all the Spanish publishers like Mercurio Games, Rocket Lemon Games, Ibeyis Games, Draco Ideas, Eclipse Editorial.

Thanks to the Municipality of Viana do Castelo, whose support is essential for the success that this event has had and continues to have in past editions. With one of the best venues for hosting a large modern board game convention, thank you to Dr. Vitorino, the Culture Councilor, all the Councilors, and Dr. Nobre, who have been supporting us continuously from the very beginning.

The success and evolution of the project are always proportional to the support we receive, and we believe that VianaCon, increasingly becoming a reference in the country, will continue to grow in the coming years.

We will soon have a date for VianaCon 2024, which, as a team, we are confident will be an even greater success.

Thank you and happy gaming.
Artmatriz Association